Caregiver wellness and education

Caregiving for someone you love is difficult, caregiving for someone you love who may not know you or is resisting help is heart wrenching. Caregivers today often find themselves sandwiched between  their own children/family needs as well as the needs and safety of their aging parents. I equate this to a vice grip! The hold is tight, it’s emotionally charged, physically exhausting and financially draining. Its suffocating with no end in sight. Being 2 steps ahead means having the essential conversations with the people who matter the most about what matters most. Caregiving matters and so does the caregiver. It’s important to define your circle of support to include:



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  • Awareness and Education about caregiving situations.
  • Self Care for the Caregiver
  • Customize you own resiliency kit

Prepare to be 2 steps ahead in caregiving it is a wise investment in your own wellness.

End of Life

Care and Comfort

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“My goal is to work with you through the transitions by helping you stay 2 steps ahead, one step at a time.”

– Annie