Hi, I’m Annie Stoneburgh

My 28-year career has spanned the entire continuum of geriatric care including Independent Community-based Living, Retirement and Long-Term Care to Palliative Care. As an educator at George Brown College for over 20 years, I am passionate about person-centred care for the older adult and am determined to instill in students the need to refocus the direction of the lens. The focus must be about providing support speaking up and increasing awareness with regards to the need for increased funding for Respite Care Services, Community Supports, Dementia Care, End of Life Care and Bereavement Support.

About 2 Steps Ahead

Providing care for my parents who lived out of town solidified for me the commitment to care for the caregiver, that sharing stories, exchanging resources validated that we are not alone. If you have a family you have dynamics, you have differing opinions, it’s emotional it’s messy…It’s a journey. We need to create a safe and transparent environment, a forum for discussion, sharing, validation and support through and in these life transitions.

In 2017 after years of providing caregiving to my mother and father they died within a 6-week span of each other. To intimately be a part of two distinctly different death stories involving the two people who first showed me unconditional love, and compassion so close together is incomprehensible to many. Their deaths were a gentle reminder that we don’t write the script and reinforced for me that death is personal and rarely goes according to plan, we can hope for a good death but planning for it isn’t always an option. I am honoured and blessed by the gift of their death.

My studies at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, where I with 39 other health care professionals from across Canada are training to be an End of Life care Facilitators validates that change is coming and we are adjusting our focus on care for the older adult and caregivers who love them.

My commitment to 2 Steps Ahead is a legacy to my parents. I can walk with you because I have walked this road before. Please reach out and remember no one needs to walk alone.

There’s help, you’re not alone, let’s walk together.
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“My goal is to work with you through the transitions by helping you stay 2 steps ahead, one step at a time.”

– Annie